In my practice I continue to develop my own visual language that is emerging from the inner learning and healing. I work with mixed-media, focusing on time based works using; performance, hand poke tattooing, video, drawing, photography, sound, installation, and a variety of found and made objects. 

By blending somatics, storytelling and strong affinity to nature, my art seeks to articulate how personal experiences are a kind of social practice. Often struggling to communicate how it feels, I try to make the feelings ‘visible’.

My works are realised from a combination of my ongoing mind-body practices. I merge my Vipassana mediation, my yoga practice and my climbing practice together with my art practice.

The trajectory of my work has been to connect the female form (primarily my own) to the external world, where both environmental and cultural territories are intimately sensed and experienced, and socially performed. I have been utilising my body and its processes in the performances, which I envisage as modern feminist rituals. To me these are visual stories that evoke multi-sensory experience and convey meaningful narratives.

I’m drawn to performative aspects of art making. All my works employ a great amount of hyperfocus, repetition, endurance and are time based. After lockdown I felt the need to work in a more socially engaged way thus I started to explore hand poke tattooing, which combines my creative and practical skills, the work ethics and different experiences I gathered over the years. I now focus mainly on tattooing because I want to offer others, their own kind of rite of passage via means of hand poke tattoos.


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